How to Add Colour to Your Living Room With Cushions


Many people just do not know how to make their living room look attractive. You will shake your head if you enter some people’s rooms. Some people’s room look horrible but what can be worse is if the owner does not even know it.

And for those who know that theirs look ‘old’ and ‘out-of-fashion’ then you’re in the right place. I am going to give you a few colour ideas for your living room, how you can add some glitter to your room and make it look colourful using sofa Cushions.

When it comes to using cushions to give your room the ‘Wow’ effect the following are the things you should do.

1)Select Your Colours Thoughtfully

Many people make the mistake of just selecting a cushion based on their favourite colours. That’s just the wrong way to approach selecting the perfect colour of cushion for your living room.

When choosing colour it is best you choose a sofa cushion with elements of colours already existing in the living room. Many times there are different colours that make up the different stuff in the room. The colour of the table, the colour of the chairs, walls, paintings, rug or carpet, curtains, TV stand, etc make up the living room colors.


So to choose a good cushion choose the one that has elements of these colours. Doing this will combine all the busyness in the room and help the existing colours to complement each other, rather than work against each other.

One other thing is to make the colours of the cushions and sofa to contrast. If the sofa has a dull colour you might want to use cushions with bright colours and vice versa provided the colour you choose for your cushion is already existing in your living room.

Below the rug colour matches the cushion colour and it also contrasts with the colour of the sofa.

2)Select Your Cushions Carefully

When it comes to selecting you need to consider the texture of the cover material for the cushion cover. Personally I prefer swede material for the cushion covers. This is because swede material has this soft and smooth texture that has a pleasant feeling on the skin.

I see some cushion cover materials that is kind of coarse and I wonder who made such cushion and even who would go ahead to buy such Cushions. I compare cushions to teddy bears because people love to hold them, play with them, and rest on them while sitting on the sofa. So it would just be wise to use a material that is pleasant on the skin.

When it comes to colour not all cushions have all the colours of your living room on them. In fact it’s going to be hard getting cushions like that. You can nevertheless choose a cushion that 2 or 3 of colours already in your living room. And sometimes a cushion with just one colour may still match as far as the colour is the dominant colour in your room.

3)Cushion Colour Versus Sofa Colour

This is one of the areas that most people get it wrong. The general idea is that the colour of your cushion should be the same with colour of your sofa. That just does not make sense.

Doing this will just make your living room look dull and boring. The first reason is that that is what everybody does. The second reason is that cushion colour will just blend in with the sofa colour. We don’t want that. We want the cushions to stand out despite their small sizes. And we ultimately want our own living room to stand out.

Look at how boring the picture below looks.

4)Selecting Size and Shape of Cushions

Again we want to stand out. We don’t want to do what the masses are doing. And what does everybody do? They buy cushions of the same size. They also buy cushion of exactly the same shape. Then they throw all of them on the sofa thinking that is going to do the magic.

That is boring. Why don’t you buy cushions of different sizes and mix them together? Then combine cushions of 2 or 3different shapes. This will make your living room look different from every other person out there.

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